FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $30 | Heritage Tradition Donates 100% of proceeds to kids in need




HERITAGE TRADITION®'s  remarkable story shows the power of social enterprise. We're a giving organization that inspires all generations and motivates you to make a difference in your own special way.  We are proud to partner with KidScholly to help all kids in need. Your generous donation will help kids to earn scholarships for extracurricular activities by volunteering in their community.

KidScholly offers scholarships to kids and allows them to participate in activities that not every parent can afford but that most kids want and need to develop to their potential.

KidScholly believes that early participation in sports, arts, extra academic opportunities, and early intervention for learning challenges is vital to discovering and building the confidence, talents, and dreams of our youth.

As a bonus, the scholarship recipients build their work ethic and community spirit by completing volunteer hours to earn the needed funds.

Thank you for your support!